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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Liverpool Street, Moorgate, Bank, Fenchurch Street, Bishopsgate, Whitechapel, Aldgate and Aldgate Eat, and Shoreditch

Francis Atkinson, MSc Psychotherapy, MBACP Registered Counsellor/Psychotherapist Psychotherapist.

Welcome to my counselling and Psychotherapy website.

I have been working as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist for over 25 years. My practice has always been based in East London, and now more specifically in Liverpool Street the City of London and Shoreditc.h

I have worked in private practice, the education sector, both higher and Further education, and also for charitable organisations. I work with a wide range of clients that includes adolescents (17+) adults, individuals, couples, males, females, straight' and LGBTQ+ individuals and couples, older clients, different ethnicities and different cultural backgrounds.

My primary practices is at House of Creative, 231 Shoreditch High St, E1 6PJ.
I also see clients at my Liverpool Street at Longcroft House, opposite Liverpool Street Station, Bishops Gate.
My Shoreditch practice is very close to the new Shoreditch High Street Overground station. It is on the border of Bethnal Green and Dalston, within easy reach of Broadgate, Old Street and Moorgate. It is also also very close to Liverpool Street, about 6-8 minutes. It is also within easy reach via the Central line from Stratford, Mile End, Bank, St Pauls, and Chancery Lane.

To find directions to my Shoreditch High Street practice via google maps just CLICK HERE

The address for my Liverpool Street is Longcroft House Victoria Avenue, EC2 4NS.

To find directions to my Liverpool Street practice via google maps just CLICK HERE
>Registration and Accreditation
I am Registered as a Senior Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP Senior Accredited 500307) and abide by and work within their Ethical Framework for good practice 2018.
Because of my registrations above, I am also registered with the Government's Health Professions Authority

I am a Registered with AXA and AVIVA

Looking for a Relational Couples counsellor in Fenchurch Street or Moorgate then call me on 07960645654 or email me at or WhatsApp 07960645654

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In-person and On-line sessions for Relational individual and couples therapy

Seeking Counselling or Psychotherapy

As you are visiting my counselling and psychotherapy website, I imagine that things are perhaps difficult for you at the moment, or have been for some time and that now you are thinking about contacting a counsellor or psychotherapist to talk about these issues.
Counselling or psychotherapy, can be a big thing to consider embarking on and it is important that you, as an individual, or couple, are able to make an informed, and hopefully positive decision, to start having counselling or to see a psychotherapist.
As a counsellor and psychotherapist, I aim to offer you a safe and confidential space for you to be able to explore your thoughts and feelings in a respectful, non-judgmental environment. I hope to help you begin to explore the issues and difficulties you have been experiencing over the short or long term, and to give you time to explore your emotions, and also to think about and decide what it is you need to do, to be able to then make changes in your life or to come to a new understanding, resolution, and/or acceptance.

As part of my own journey in becoming a counsellor and psychotherapist I have also had a substantial amount of counselling and psychotherapy myself, which has in turn led me to where I am today as a therapist. During my own therapy (10+ years) and also in training as a counsellor and psychotherapist, (9 years) I have come to realise how important the reliability of the therapist is to the client and the therapeutic process. Also, the quality of the therapeutic relationship between the counsellor-psychotherapist and client is a vital ingredient. Whether the issue is more specific, such as, anxiety, depression, bereavement or loss, relationship issues, or couples work, abuse, or other psychological-emotional concerns, that might include mental health issues, the therapeutic relationship between myself and you, and the ability to create a safe and containing environment, with trust, respect, and acceptance, will be my goal, and vital to enable you to come to a more satisfactory place in your world.

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Helping You Decide

As a way of helping you to make a more informed decision about seeing someone for counselling or psychotherapy, I offer all potential clients, individuals and couples, a free half hour consultation session.. This will hopefully enable you to make a more informed choice about starting counselling or psychotherapy with me. From this free half hour session, we may choose to work together, or, you may want to take some time to think about it, or you may decide not to start. Whatever feels right for both of us is the most important part.

I am committed to providing good quality counselling and psychotherapy practices, in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment. As I have already said above, one of the most important aspects of counselling and psychotherapy, is the reliability of the counsellor/psychotherapist. This I will endeavour to be at all times.

Often, individuals and couples don't have a sense of how long counselling or psychotherapy is going to take. I work with individuals and couples on a short, long term, and open-ended basis, depending on what the counselling issues are that are going to be worked on. If you haven't experienced counselling or psychotherapy previously, I think it is often a good idea to have a number of sessions (4-6) as a trial period, to see how the counselling-psychotherapy is progressing, whether it feels right for you, and whether you feel you are getting something out of it. If you are, and you would like to continue, then the agreement might be on a more open-ended basis. All of this is negotiable.

Looking for a couples relational counsellor in Liverpool Street,- call me on 07960645654 or email me at or

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Issues I work wtih

I have worked with the issues listed below. There may also be some that aren't listed. So, if you are looking for counselling in Liverpool Street, or psychotherapy in the Shoreditch, or a counsellor in East London and you cannot see what you are looking for listed below, then do please contact me to see if I can help you. I work at my Shoreditch practice on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from early morning to mid-evening. I work at my Liverpool Street venue on Mondays, all day into the evening.

Abuse (including sexual, physical, psychological, emotional, neglect)
Alcohol use
Attachment issues
Cultural awareness and/or alienation
Developmental deficits
Existential issues
LGBTQ individuals and couples
Life stages
Panic (acute or ongoing)
Personality Disorders
Relating and Relationship Issues
Self and Identity
Sexual Identity
Work related stress (overwhelming and underwhelming)

Again, please do contact me if there is something not listed above that you would like to check out with me whether I can help you.

Modalities I work in

My main way of working is what is called Integrative-Relational, which, for my way of working, includes principals of Psychodynamic, Person-Centred, Existential theory and elements of Cognitive Behavioural principals. As mentioned above, paramount to all of these, is the quality of the therapeutic relationship or Alliance.

Looking for a Couples relational therapist in Shoreditch call me on 07960645654 or email me at,

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MSc/Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy at The Metanoia Institute and Validated by Middlesex University 1995-2001
Post Graduate Certificate in Holding the Couple in Mind at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation (WPF) 2014
Diploma in Integrative Supervision at The Minster Centre 2011/12
BSc hons Social Sciences (Health Pathway) 1990-1993 North London University
3 year Certificate in Person-Centred and Existential Counselling at City University 1989-1992
Counselling and Attachment Certificate 2006
Foundation Certificate in Cognitive and Behavioural Counselling 2009
Couples Counselling Course (6 days) 2013
Neuroscience course (22 days) 2013 and 2015

Registrations and Accreditations

MBACP Senior Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist
UKRCP Registered Independent Counsellor and Psychotherapist


The Minster Centre
British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

Further Experience

I have also worked in the following settings:

As a Clinical Supervisor for Counsellors and Psychotherapists in private practice for over 20 years.
As a Counsellor in a Further Education College (Hendon College) for 2 years
As a Counsellor in a Higher Education University (East London University) for 12 years
As a Counselling Development worker - Counsellor and Supervisor in an Adolescent Counselling Agency (Youthreach) for 7 years.
As a Volunteer Counsellor at the Terrence Higgins Trust (1-2 Years)

Continuing Professional Development
Introduction to Mentalisation (1 day)
Neuroscience for Therapists (9 days)
The stuck couple (1 day)

The Dynamics of Attachment in Adult Life, Una McCluskyey, January 2016 (2 days)
Developmental Attunement, Relational Needs and Therapeutic Presence. June 2016 (2 days)
Neuroscience reading group (ongoing)

Trauma, Attachment, Affect Dysregulation, and Shame. Treating the Seeds of Self-Destructive Behaviours. January 2017 (2 days)
Neuroscience of Therapists (ongoing)
Attachment and Trauma, The resilience of mind and body (3 days)
The Growth-Promoting Role of Mutual Regeressions in Deep Psychotherapy, Dr Allan Schore, September 2017 (1 day)

Working with Insecure and Disorganised Attachment at Regents College - 2 days.


Working with Couples and anger and rage - 1 day course

Ease of Access from Surrounding Areas

Because my Liverpool Street/ and Shoreditch counselling and psychotherapy practices are on the border of East London, the City and Islington many individuals and couples working or living slightly further away, but looking for experienced counsellor and/or psychotherapist close to Old Street, Broadgate, Fenchurch Street, Aldgate, Monument, Tower Hill, Bank, St Pauls, Barbican, Farringdon, Bethnal Green, Whitechapel, Hoxton, Dalston, Hackney, Mile End, Docklands and Canary Wharf, also contact my counselling and psychotherapy service.

Francis Atkinson. BACP

Statement of Ethical Practice

At my City of London/Liverpool Street and Shoreditch counselling and psychotherapy practices, I am committed to offering ethical therapeutic counselling and psychotherapy in line with the BACP, UKCP, and Minster Centre Ethical Frameworks for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am also committed to 'social diversity, equality and inclusivity of treatment without discrimination of any kind' (BACP July 2018).

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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Individuals - £70 to £95 per session
Couples - £90 to £110 per 60 minute session

The above rates are my usual or general fees for individuals and couples.
I also make a commitment to try and not refuse any potential client on the basis of cost. So, if you feel you cannot afford what are the 'standard' sliding-scale rates given above, then do please still contact me so we can talk about what might be possible.

Clinical Supervision

I have been supervising Counsellors for and Psychotherapists for about 20+ years.
I As well as individual supervision, I also offer group supervision of up to 3 practitioners plus myself. The reason that I offer up to three is
, 3, then 50% of the time can be used for BACP requirements of the minimum 90 minutes per month. So, although there are three practitioners, (plus myself as the supervisor) and the total time would either be 150 or 180 minutes (depending on whether it was 50 or 60 minute hours) you could count either 75 or 90 respectively for BACP purposes.
I also think that groups are a much richer learning tool and resource for practitioners, including myself as the supervisor.
I am very happy to offer Supervision in person and also online via Zoom.

I have also helped several supervisees through the BACP Accreditation process as their supervisor.
Clinical Supervision
Counselling Students on their first Counsellor Training £65 per 50 minutes, £70 per 60 minutes.
Privately paying supervises (and/or group) and Charity Funded: £70 per 50 minutes, £75 per 60 minutes.
Private organisation funded £75 per 50 minutes, £80 per 60 minutes.

Supervision Group
Supervision Groups of 3 may be available depending on timing

For further information please call me or send an email to the address on the Location and Links page.

Location and Directions

I am also within very easy reach of Bow, Hackney, Mile End, Lime House and Wapping. My Liverpool Street and Shoreditch counselling and psychotherapy practices are also accessible by various transport links, including the Central, Circle, District, Hammersmith and City, and Metropolitan lines, National Rail, the Overground, and many bus routes.

Please click on the Links below to find more details of my Liverpool Street and Shoreditchpractices, close to Islington.

To find directions to my Shoreditch practice via google maps just CLICK HERE

To find directions to my Liverpool Street practice via google maps just CLICK HERE

Thank you for visiting my website and do please click on the other pages for more information, or contact me for any further information that you don't find here.

Both venues are by Appointment only.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment or anything you need to know before you decide whether to have a free half hour session. is part of Bethnal Green Counselling LTD