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Supervision and CPD


I have been supervising Counsellors for 20+ years, and Psychotherapists for around 10 years.
I believe clinical supervision is a vital component of any therapist's work with clients, and that the amount should reflect the number of clients someone sees in any week or month. I myself am in weekly clinical supervision, which includes client work and also supervision of supervision.

I would generally expect to supervision another practitioner on a fortnightly basis, but I also do offer weekly if someone wants this.

Also, as well as individual supervision, I also offer group supervision of up to 3 practitioners plus myself. The reason that I offer up to three is partially space limitation, but if it is 3, then 50% of the time can be used for BACP requirements of the minimum 90 minutes per month. So, although there are three practitioners, (plus myself as the supervisor) and the total time would either be 150 or 180 minutes (depending on whether it was 50 or 60 minute hours) you could count either 75 or 90 respectively for BACP purposes.

I also think that groups are a much richer learning tool and resource for practitioners, including myself as the supervisor.

Supervision groups would only run on Saturday mornings, starting time would be negotiated if it was a new group.

I have also helped several supervisees through the BACP Accreditation process as their supervisor.

Individuals on a first counsellor training £50 or £60 depending on 50 or 60 minute sessions.
Practitioners working in private practice or for a charity would pay £55 or £60 depending on 50 or 60 minute sessions.
Practitioners working for a private or non-charity organisation would pay £60 or £70 depending on a 50 or 60 minute sessions.
There would be no extra charge for being in a group of 2 or 3.

As well as having the experience of supervising counsellors and psychotherapists, I also completed a Diploma in Integrative Supervision in 2012. I have included a 'snapshot' of the Certificate for your clarification.

For further information please call me or send an email to the address on the Location and Links page.

Supervision & CPD. supervision1

Continuing Professional Development.

I am interested in developing a process of CPD for practitioners that would largely be about theory and practice, and although elements of client work could be used to mirror the CPD, it wouldn't be the main element.

I would be happy to discuss with anybody that was interested in this possibility. It would largely be a mutually agreed programme of CPD, that I would lead the delivery of, but it would be open to negotiation anyone wanting to also bring something to be worked with.

The cost would be £60 per person for three hours, with three participants plus myself.

To discuss this further, please call me or email me.

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